Reading Lesson: The Real Meaning

real meaning reading lesson English

Read the three introductions below. What do they say about their names?

The Real Meaning of …


Hello! My real name is Alexis, but my friends call me Alex for short. It is the name of my father and my grandfather also. It means “helper” in Greek. I don’t speak Greek, but my name is common for boys in Germany.


Hi, I’m Paloma Ramirez Rodriguez. I’m from Mexico. In Mexico, many people have two last names. My first name means “dove” in Spanish. A dove is a white bird. Many people believe doves are symbols of peace.


Hey! My name is Aaqil. I’m from Kuwait. My country is between Iraq and Saudi Arabia on the Arabian Gulf. My first language is Arabic, but I speak English also. In Arabic my name means “intelligent.”

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