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Lobster Dinner

John ends work at six in the evening. When he gets home he reads the newspaper and plays his guitar for a little while. John’s wife Jenny is always home before John.

Jenny likes to watch television when she gets home. Tonight, she is watching a movie based on a book about a group of people who fish for lobsters in the dangerous waters around Alaska. John is not interested in the movie.

John goes to the garage and turns on the radio. The radio is playing his favorite song. However, the song ends early by an ad about a new camera. John turns off the radio and turns on his phone. John looks through old pictures on his phone and sees a photo of himself eating a big lobster.

John is starting to feel very hungry. He goes to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator door.  The refrigerator is empty. John goes to the living room and sits down next to Jenny. “What do you want to eat for dinner?” he says to Jenny. Then at the very same moment, they say “lobster!”