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Reading Lesson: At the Cafe

at the cafe reading lesson

Read a conversation between Carla and Elise. They are at a cafe. What do they order?

At the Café

Carla: I’m hungry! I want to order food.

Elise: What do you want to eat?

Carla: I want a big pizza with meat and vegetables.

Elise: How much is a big pizza?

Carla: A big pizza is eighteen dollars.

Elise: Eighteen dollars! That is expensive!

Carla: Yes, it is.

Elise: How much is a small pizza?

Carla: A small pizza is eleven dollars.

Elise: That is cheap. Let’s order a small pizza and two ice creams to share.

Carla: How much is that?

Elise: That is twenty dollars in all.

Carla: Okay, great!

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