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A Headache

Anna:  Hello Doctor, thank you for seeing me today.

Dr. Mateo: Hi Anna. What seems to be the problem?

Anna: It is my head. It does not feel good.

Dr. Mateo: Hmm, I see. Does it hurt right now?

Anna: Yes, it hurts now. It hurts all the time.

Dr. Mateo: That is very uncomfortable. Do you take medicine?

Anna:  No, I don’t take medicine. I take vitamins.

Dr. Mateo: What vitamins do you take?

Anna:  Vitamin C, Vitamin B and a multi-vitamin.

Dr. Mateo: Well, I don’t know if the vitamins are good for your head pain, but I know that medicine helps the pain.

Anna:  What medicine do I need?

Dr. Mateo: Aspirin reduces the pain. Drink lots of water and rest a lot. If the pain is bad next week, come back to see me. We have tests that check for other problems.

Anna:  How many aspirin do I take?

Dr. Mateo: Take one in the morning with breakfast. If the pain is bad, take another one in the afternoon. Do not take more than three.

Anna:  Thank you, Doctor.

Dr. Mateo:  I hope you feel better! Take care.