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A Trip to California

Tom and Susan are from Florida, but they live in Madison, Wisconsin. They are students at a university in Madison. They have different majors. Tom is studying horticulture. Horticulture is the study of plants. Susan is studying meteorology. Meteorology is the study of weather. 

Next week, the university is closing for the winter holidays. So, Tom and Susan are taking a trip southwest. Their flight is to Los Angles, California. Los Angles is far away from Madison. Tom and Susan hope that the weather in L.A. is warm and feels like summer. 

This is their first trip to L.A. But, some of their friends live there and say it is a pretty place with nice mountains and beaches. Tom and Susan want to spend some time in the sun on the beach. They are excited to explore the natural beauty of the area. Tom wants to see the flowers. Susan is excited to go for a hike if the wind is not blowing. Tom and Susan are going to have a fun time on their trip!