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Describe Clothes and Shopping in English

Clothes are important because they keep us comfortable, show our style, follow social rules, and make us feel confident. In this lesson, learn how to describe clothes and shopping in English.

Learn 14 words to describe clothes and shopping

Use these flashcards to learn the meaning of the terms for this unit. You can also practice the pronunciation by listening to the audio on each card.

Practice Exercises for Clothes and Shopping Vocabulary

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Vocabulary Quiz

Let us review the vocabulary terms to describe clothing and shopping.

TermPart of speechDefinition
bagnouna container for holding made of thin material (such as paper, plastic, or cloth) 
buyverbto get (something) by paying money for it
blousenouna more formal shirt
coatnounan outer piece of clothing that can be long or short and that is worn to keep warm or dry
dressnouna piece of clothing that covers both top and bottom 
glassesnouna pair of lenses set into a frame and worn over your eyes to help you see
hatnouna covering for the head
jacketnouna usually short and light coat
pantsnouna piece of clothing that covers your full legs and has a part for each leg
shirtnouna piece of clothing that covers your top
shoenounan outer covering for your foot that usually has a stiff bottom part
skirtnouna piece of clothing that hangs from the waist down
wearverbto use or have (something) as clothing
clothesnounthe things that people wear to cover their bodies and that are usually made from cloth