Reading Lesson: Lucy’s Home

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Read the story about a woman’s home. You can also listen along with the audio recording.

Lucy’s Home

Tomorrow, my sister Lucy is moving from this apartment to a new house. This apartment is small, with one bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. These windows are large, with a lot of natural lighting. Lucy is sad in this apartment because she likes to invite guests to stay with her. I usually stay in the living room when I visit her. 

She is excited because her new house has two bedrooms!  It only has one bathroom, but the kitchen and a dining room are beautiful. It is an open concept, so she can cook while entertaining guests. She has lots of windows, and the best part is that big garden in front of her house!

Lucy can’t wait to move in, but first, she wants to paint her bedroom, the living room, and the bathroom. She is thinking of painting her bedroom light blue, the guest room green, and the bathroom purple. I think it will look great!

Vocabulary Exercises for “Lucy’s New Place”

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