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Jose’s Day

Jose wakes up at 7 o’clock on the weekdays. He gets dressed and eats breakfast with his sister. He walks to school by himself. His sister rides her bike to a different school. She is 12 years old. Jose is 9 years old. He doesn’t ride a bike. Jose walks to school.

Jose likes school. His favorite subject is science because they do experiments. His teacher Mr. Collins is funny. Mr. Collins also teaches physical education. In physical education, Jose practices baseball at school with his classmates.

At 3:00 PM, school finishes. Jose plays outside with his friends. They have fun and play games. One hour later, Jose goes home. His father cooks and Jose does his homework. At 9:00 PM, he goes to bed, but he doesn’t like to go to bed. He reads a book. He likes books. His father tells Jose that it is time to sleep. He turns off the light. Jose falls asleep.