Reading lesson: Clothing Sale

clothing sale reading lesson a1 cover

Read the advertisement below. Then complete the writing exercise.

Mega Sale at Barkley’s

Big news! There is a sale today at Barkley’s clothing store. They sell most types of clothing, but their specialty is women’s and men’s clothes.

Starting on Friday at 10:00 am, you can find shirts, pants, and jackets with a discount of over 50% on each item. They have shoes for winter and summer, sunglasses, hats for cold and warm weather, and bags.

Barkley’s is an eco-friendly business that cares for the environment. Help the community! If you bring a piece of clothing to Barkley’s to donate to people in need, you get another 5% discount on your shopping. Come on down and get the best price on cute, good-quality clothes!

Writing Exercise

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