Reading: Lucy’s New Place

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Read the story about a woman’s new house. You can also listen along with the audio recording.

Lucy’s New Place

Lucy is now moved in! I stayed over this past weekend to help her organize everything.

I put her favorite bookcase in the living room, right by her red velvet chair.

She does not have a TV, but she has a beautiful clock from Grandpa George, so I put that in the middle of the wall.

She has a large wooden table that we put in the dining room, with matching chairs. The table has eight chairs that fit it! Dinner parties are fun with this set..

Because it is an open concept, we can see the kitchen from the dining room. The kitchen is set up, but Lucy needs to buy a new refrigerator. Her old refrigerator broke on the way to the new house!

She also needs to buy a small desk, because she wants the guest room to also be a home office. I think it will look lovely!

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