Reading lesson: You Got Me Sick!

you got me sick reading lesson cover

Read the story about two friends. Why was Josh angry?

You Got Me Sick!

Josh was angry. His friend Molly was at his house last weekend to play video games and watch TV, which was fun, but she didn’t tell Josh that she felt sick before she came over. She looked a little pale and was coughing a lot, but she said she was feeling good.

Josh didn’t think about Molly until he started to feel bad. His nose was running and he started to cough. He didn’t feel well. His mom took his temperature and saw that he had a fever. Josh groaned and called Molly.

“You got me sick!” he yelled at Molly.

“What? I feel fine. It wasn’t me.” replied Molly.

“You were at my house playing video games and you were coughing. You got me sick!” said Josh.

“Oh yeah, maybe you’re right. I’m sorry,” said Molly. So, Josh spent the weekend on the sofa resting and drinking lots of water. He took some medicine and played some more video games by himself. By Monday, he felt better again.


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