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15.2 Around Town | Vocabulary, Elementary English

In this topic, you will learn some vocabulary to talk places around town.

Learn 15 terms related to places around town.

Use these flashcards to learn the meaning of the terms for this unit. You can also practice the pronunciation by listening to the audio on each card.

Practice the vocabulary

Exercise 1 – Play this game to learn the vocabulary terms.

Match the words to the pictures. Sound on (????) if you want to hear the pronunciation of the vocabulary terms.

Exercise 2 – Practice using the vocabulary in context.

Exercise 3 – Speaking activity

You must use the Chrome web browser in order for this activity to work. You must also give the website permission to use your microphone. This can be found if you click the ???? symbol to the left of the URL address bar.

Let us review the vocabulary about places around town

TermPart of speechDefinition
apartmentnouna place that people live, usually rented, that is inside a building (used in the US)
banknouna business where people keep their money, borrow money, etc.
blocknounthe length of a city street until you reach a street that you need to cross
bookshopnouna store that sells things to read
buildingnouna structure (such as a hospital, school, etc.) with a roof and walls that is used as a place for people to live, work, do activities, etc.
cafénouna small restaurant where you can buy drinks (especially coffee) and simple food
cafeterianouna place where people buy food at a counter and bring it to a table for eating
castlenouna large building with high, thick walls and towers that was built in the past to protect against attack
cinemanouna place where people go to watch films/movies
collegenouna school in the U.S. that you go to after high school where you get a degree (such as a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree)
department storenouna large store that has separate areas in which you can buy different kinds of things (such as clothes, makeup, electronics, etc.)  
elevatornouna machine used for carrying people and things to different levels in a building (used in the US)
exitnounsomething (such as a door) that is used to leave a place
flatnouna place that people live, usually rented, that is inside a building (used in the UK)
garagenouna building where cars are kept

Test your understanding about the vocabulary with the quiz below.