Reading lesson: A Daughter’s Birthday

daughters birthday reading lesson cover

Read the text below about a special event. You can also listen to a recording of the text. After you read, complete the writing exercise below.

A Daughter’s Birthday

Jack leaves work early and goes quickly to his car. He is in a hurry. Today is his daughter’s birthday, and he must pick up the birthday cake. But first, he needs to stop for gas. Dan drives to the gas station and fills up the gas tank. Then he drives to the bakery. He pays for the cake and puts it in his car. Then he goes all the way home. When he gets home, he sees a lot of cars in front and many children playing outside. He sees his daughter. She is wearing a red dress.

Dan goes inside with the cake. His wife is happy when she sees him. They go outside. Dan tells his daughter it is time to eat cake. Dan puts five candles on the cake. Then they all sing “Happy Birthday to You.” Dan’s daughter makes a wish and blows the candles out. Dan hugs his daughter. He hugs her. He says, “Happy birthday. I love you.”

Adapted from DAILY DEPARTURES Speed Reading Passages for Low-Intermediate English Language Learners by Regina Weaver, 2019.

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