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Clara is a high school student, but she doesn’t care very much about science, history, or English. Clara is interested in cooking.

Yesterday was Saturday, and Clara wanted to cook rabbit. In the morning, Clara rode her bicycle to the meat shop. She told the man at the meat shop to choose a rabbit and cut it into five pieces.

At home in the kitchen, Clara put the meat in a large bowl and added some salt and spices. Then Clara heated some oil in a large pan on the stove and cooked the rabbit until the color of the meat was brown. Then Clara added some lemon juice and some onions.

While the rabbit cooked, Clara made some rice. When she took the rabbit out of the oven, Clara put on top of the rice. It smelled delicious. Clara called her mother, father, and brother to the kitchen. She said that dinner was ready. Clara’s family ate the meal. Everyone agreed that Clara’s dinner was delicious.