Reading lesson: “The Blue Man”

blue man reading lesson cover elementary English

Read this story. Then complete the writing exercise below. You can also listen to the recording below.

The Blue Man

“Come!” Jenny says. “I want to show you something.” I follow her outside. We walk to the corner.

“Look at that man,” Jenny says, pointing to a man standing on the corner. The man is holding a blue umbrella. He is not moving. He is wearing a blue suit and blue shoes. Even his face and hair are painted blue.

“Is that a real man?” I ask.

“Yes,” Jenny says.

“Why is he painted blue?” I ask.

“And why isn’t he moving?”

“Because he is acting,” Jenny says. “He is doing that so we’ll give him money. It’s a show.” Jenny and I watch the man. We think that after a few minutes, the man will move. We watch for 15 minutes, but the man does not move at all.

“Doesn’t his arm get tired?” I ask.

“Maybe,” Jenny answers.

“Do you think he is going to stand there all day?” I ask.

“I think so,” Jenny answers.

“Let’s give him some money,” I say. Jenny and I walk toward the man. I put one dollar into the blue hat by the man’s feet.

The man smiles. I smile back.

“He moved,” I say to Jenny as we walk away.

Adapted from DAILY DEPARTURES Speed Reading Passages for Low-Intermediate English Language Learners by Regina Weaver, 2019.

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