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18.2 Household items (Part 2) | Vocabulary, Elementary English

In this topic, you will learn some vocabulary to talk about things you find at home.

Learn 13 terms related to house and home

Use these flashcards to learn the meaning of the terms for this unit. You can also practice the pronunciation by listening to the audio on each card.

Practice the vocabulary

Exercise 1 – Play this game to learn the vocabulary terms.

Exercise 2 – Practice using the vocabulary in context.

Exercise 3 – Speaking activity

You must use the Chrome web browser in order for this activity to work. You must also give the website permission to use your microphone. This can be found if you click the ???? symbol to the left of the URL address bar.

Let us review the vocabulary about house and home

TermPart of speechDefinition
hallnouna usually long, narrow passage inside a building
heatingnouna system that is used to provide warmth to a room or building
lampnouna device that produces light
mirrornouna piece of glass that reflects images
pillownouna bag filled with soft material that is used as a cushion
roofnounthe cover or top of a building, vehicle, etc.
shelfnouna flat board which is attached to a wall, frame, etc., and on which objects can be placed
sinknouna wide bowl that has a faucet for water
sofanouna long and comfortable piece of furniture on which a person can sit or lie down
stairsnouna series of steps that go from one level or floor to another
towelnouna piece of cloth used for drying things
upstairsnounon or to a higher floor of a building
washing machinenouna machine used for washing clothes

Test your understanding about the vocabulary with the quiz below.