Reading lesson: I Love Computers, Inc.

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Below are two reviews for I Love Computers, Inc.  Read the two reviews, and look for similarities and differences in the opinions.

I Love Computers, Inc.

Review #1

I bought a new PC last week and it is broken.  The computer is a laptop.  Whenever I try to go online, the computer turns off.   I am going to call the IT department again, but they were not helpful the last time I called. I think I am going to return the laptop.  The keyboard and mouse work well, though.  This was my first time buying something from this company, and I am not going to buy from this company again.

Review #2

I bought a new laptop last week and I love it!  I bought an older model of this laptop from I Love Computers, Inc. a few years ago, and I am very happy I bought the newest model.  I am a photographer, so I need a laptop with a lot of memory, and I am very satisfied with this one.  The keyboard and the mouse work very well.  I am going to continue buying from this company in the future.   

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