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Socializing | Intermediate Vocabulary

Learn English online for free - socializing intermediate vocabulary

Describing Socializing in English

Socializing refers to the act of interacting and engaging with other people in a social setting, such as at a party, community gathering, or through online communication. It involves building and maintaining relationships, exchanging ideas and thoughts, and participating in group activities. Socializing helps individuals to develop their social skills and form connections with others, which can have a positive impact on their overall well-being.

Learn 14 words to describe socializing

Use these flashcards to learn the meaning of the terms for this unit. You can also practice the pronunciation by listening to the audio on each card.

Practice Exercises for Vocabulary about Socializing

Exercise 1 – Play this matching game to review the vocabulary

Exercise 2 – Practice using the vocabulary in context

Exercise 3 – Speaking activity

To do this activity, you must use the Google Chrome web browser. You also must give permission to use your microphone.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

To do this activity, you must use the Google Chrome web browser. You also must give permission to use your microphone.

Vocabulary Quiz

Let us review the vocabulary terms about socializing

cut up (something) or cut (something) upto cut something into several pieces
deal with (something)to do something in order to achieve something or in order to solve a problem
get around (somewhere)to travel or move from place to place
give up (something) or give (something) upto lose or be defeated; admit defeat.
hang outto spend a lot of time in a place or with someone
keep up (something) or keep (something) upto continue to do or have something
laugh at (someone or something)to show that you think someone or something is stupid
look up (something) or look (something) upto look at a book or computer in order to find information
put out (something) or put (something) outto publish something or make information generally known
show (someone) aroundto give a tour of a new place to somebody
take up (something) or take (something) upto begin to do something
turn down (something or someone) or turn (something or someone) downto refuse to accept or agree to something, or to refuse someone’s request