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Read about a television show that encourages entrepreneurs. You can also listen along with the audio recording.

Shark Tank: Reality TV Meets Enthusiastic Business Developers

Shark Tank has been on TV for over 10 years and continues to attract millions of viewers. For the unfamiliar, Shark Tank is a reality series that invites hopeful entrepreneurs onto the show to pitch, or share, their business ideas to a group of “shark” investors. If one or more of the “sharks” are interested in the business idea being presented, they’ll make a deal, invest, and enter into a partnership with the entrepreneur. If no deal is made, the business person walks away with nothing.  It’s very exciting, and it may even make you nervous!

One of the best parts of the show is the group of fun and intelligent judges, who give sensible advice to their business guests. Sometimes it’s not all fun and games, and entrepreneurs who can’t convince the judges to help will walk away angry or hurt. On the positive side, some of the ideas are really genius. Even if the product they’re suggesting doesn’t end up getting a deal — which is about half of the time — they get the same amount of time on television as the ones that ultimately succeed. There’s a fair chance you may end up thinking to yourself, Oh, that’s a pretty cool idea, and I actually think I can use this in my life.

Overall, Shark Tank is an easy show to watch that’s both entertaining and educational. It’s hard not to remember a few tidbits about investing, pitching, and even product development. Shark Tank is definitely a show to watch for young business people and entrepreneurs.

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