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Amanda’s Profile

Age: 27

Occupation: lawyer

About me: I see myself as ambitious and hard-working.  I am really busy with work, so sometimes I can be a bit impatient.

Interests: I like to read and play guitar, so let’s talk about books and music!   

Perfect first date: I want to really get to know you on a first date, so let’s go to a quiet coffee shop. 

What I am looking for: The most important thing to me is that you are humble, because I do not like arrogant people.  Sometimes I can be a bit too serious, so I like people who are easy-going!  I am also looking for someone ambitious.

Mark’s Profile

Age: 25

Occupation: business owner

About me:  I see myself as easy-going because I don’t worry about the little stuff! People tell me that I always have a smile or a joke to share. But, you should know that I never seem to arrive anywhere on time. Impatient people usually don’t like me!

Interests: I like movies, books, and history. 

Perfect first date: The perfect first date for me would be at a fun bar, drinking wine, and laughing all night long!

What I am looking for: The most important thing to me is a good sense of humor (I’ve been on some pretty dull dates!).  Beyond that, I like to date people who are ambitious and self-confident.