Reading lesson: A New Product

new product reading lesson in English cover

Read the following product review. You can also listen along with the recording.

A New Product

Consumers rejoice! Users are calling the latest edition of the iPhone SE “Everything you need at lightning speed.”

The Apple iPhone SE is a piece of technology built to last, and improves on a classic design that has been popular with customers for many years. While some critics think this is a lazy strategy, many technology reviews are calling this decision intelligent. Why change a design that is already loved?

Some of the important positive features of the 2020 iPhone SE include a strong and reliable camera, fast processing speed, slim design that boasts a smaller size than many Android competitors, and excellent volume. This little phone certainly can rock!

Picky critics will point out that for $400, the phone does not have the best display being offered on the market, and the battery does not last longer than an average smartphone. That being said, the iPhone SE is a recommended purchase for any consumer looking to upgrade their Apple phone without emptying out their wallet.

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