Reading lesson: New Views for Selfies

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Read about five interesting places to take a selfie. Then, complete the writing exercise below.

5 New Views for Selfies

Did you know that the first selfie was snapped in 1889 by Robert Cornelius? Ever since then, people have not stopped taking photos of themselves. The camera phone helped, of course. Now, Instagram users have tagged more than 400 million photos with the hashtag “selfie”. So, where have people taken these photos?

The top ten places with the #selfie are obvious: the Eiffel Tower, Disneyworld, the Burj Khalifa, Disneyworld, Big Ben, the Empire State Building, Sagrada Familia, Disneyland Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, the Top of the Rock in New York, and the London Bridge. People have been obsessed with big buildings, old and new. But what about something new? These 5 spots are different – and can give you a new perspective on the #selfie.

5. Peyto Lake, Canada

This turquoise-blue lake in Banff National Park is a special sight. The water comes from a nearby glacier and the unique color is caused be rock flour in the water. This flour refracts light differently than typical water. You can see this lake from several lookout spots. Watch out for crowds though – in the summer, tour buses drop off tons of people and the viewing platform is overcrowded.  

4. Cloud Gate, Chicago

Reality is not what it seems when you see the reflection at this Chicago attraction. Cloud Gate is an artwork in the center of Millenium Park in downtown Chicago. You can take a photo of yourself that reflects what you see in front of you. It is nicknamed “The Bean” because of its shape. The artist was inspired by liquid mercury and the surface reflects the city skyline.

3. Toro Verde Zipline, United Arab Emirates

Many popular tourist destinations have installed zip lines, and these rides are great places to see the natural (or event urban) sights from above. One amazing zip line is found in the United Arab Emirates. It is the fastest, longest zip line in the world. You can capture the experience with a camera that is mounted to your helmet. With this video, you can relive all the emotions as you race to the bottom of the line.

2. Alvear Palace Hotel, Argentina

Are you afraid of heights? How about dozens and dozens of stairs? In Buenos Aires, you can find a beautiful architectural detail at the luxurious Alvear Palace Hotel. This hotel has operated since 1932 and the hotel has kept its original charm. Its spiral staircase is steep and magnificent. You may go to see the staircase but stay for the rooftop views and historic atmosphere.

1. Capadoccia, Turkey

Don’t miss an opportunity to fly over a city in a hot air balloon! In Capadoccia, many tourists visit specifically to see the beautiful balloons. Even if you don’t go for the ride, it is a spectacular sight. However, you need to wake up early to catch the views of hundreds of balloons rising into the air. The brave people in the balloon baskets are rewarded with views of amazing volcanic landscapes and a World Heritage Site for the Göreme National Park.


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