Lesson 3 – Present Passive Voice

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Learn how to use the passive voice with present simple in English

Did you know there are two voices in English? Voice is the term that describes how an action is connected to the subject of a sentence. The two types of voice are active voice and passive voice in English.

Most sentences are written in active voice. This means that the subject of the sentence does the action. In a passive voice sentence, the subject receives the action of a verb.

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More Information
Active Voice SentencePassive Voice Sentence
They park cars in the garage.The cars are parked in the garage.
People purchase food at the market.Food is purchased at the market.
Teachers grade exams after class.Exams are graded by teachers after class.

Grammar Exercises for Present Passive Voice

Exercise 1 – Identify Past Participles

Exercise 2 – Practice writing passive voice sentences

Exercise 3 – Make passive voice sentences from the active voice

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

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