Learn colors in English activities
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Learn Colors in English: Games and Activities

Learn more English vocabulary about all colors in English with these games and exercises. This is perfect for beginner students who want to practice identifying the names of colors and using it.

Remember, colors and colours mean the same thing. The spelling colours is used in British English and the spelling colors is used in American English. The best one is from whichever English you use.

Colors — Memory game

Match the color to the written word in this memory game activity. You can also practice your listening recognition of the names of colours in English.

Colors — Find the words game

Learn colors in English with this game to identify the vocabulary.

Colors — Speak the Words exercise

This exercise is a great chance to practice pronunciation and remember the names of the colors in English. This speaking activity is only available with the Chrome browser. For best results, speak clearly and use a good microphone.

Color Chart

Use this list of colors in English to practice.

colorsmore than one color
dark (color)not light in color, almost black
graylike an elephant ????
light (color)not dark in color, almost white
pinklike a flower ????